Monday, 20 May 2013

3.30 describe the process of evolution by means of natural selection

Evolution is a change in species over a very long time (sometimes into different species.)
Natural selection is survival of the fittest.
What happens is:

  • A mutation occurs
  • If the mutation is beneficial, the animal will survive longer and reproduce more
  • Some of its offspring will inherit the mutation
  • These offspring will also have better chance of survival, meaning they live longer and reproduce more
  • Over a long period of time this process is repeated and gradually the mutation becomes a common gene in a species and those with the mutation become the only ones, as those without cannot compete with those expressing the mutated gene


  1. Hi. Please give the description of natural selection and evolution full chapter . Because i have test next week ..please please make it by 1 or 2 days... i like this site

  2. Yeh this definition is horrendous, they are usually no less than 7 mark questions and you would get no more than 3 for this answer. Please Update!!

  3. Living things evolve through natural selection, or ‘survival of the fittest’.

    - resources needed for living things to survive are limited. Individuals must compete for the resources, and only the fittest will survive.
    - organisms show variation, and some attributes will increase an individual’s chance of survival.
    - this individual will be able to reproduce, and they’ll be a greater proportion of their genes in the next generation.
    - so the ‘best’ features are naturally selected.

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